‘Solar Demise’ Video Game

The video is a bit low quality… the sound in the clip is also really bad as it had to be recorded using an aux to aux cable… (recordMyDesktop + RedHat ;( ) …anyway they are much better in the real game 

The game was created by a group of 5, as a 6 week group project. The project was supposed to be visually pleasing as only the visual side was assessed. We did our best to make it pleasing to the eye with various effects, however we didn’t neglect the gameplay and the game as a whole and managed to deliver a decent, and most importantly, finalised product. We created it from “scratch” in C++ with the help of SDL2.0 (sound and XBox Controller)  and NGL (OpenGL lib).

Here is my ‘individual contribution’ report which describes, in brief, what I had to do in this project: “Solar Demise” Individual Contribution

 “Solar Demise”  Video Game

Developed by:
Merve Erdogan
Chen-Yuan Hsu
George Rassovsky
Iona Vincent
Di Xiao

Special Thanks to:
Jahirul Amin
Ali Fadavie
Jon Macey
Hammadi Nait-Charif
Mathieu Sanchez
Adam Twycross

Some techniques used:
– Bounding Volume Hierarchy (BVH for optimisation of environment elements)
– Frustum Culling
– Ship rotation using quaternions to avoid gimbal locks
– Catch-up camera – in discrete space using saved frames from the original transformation of the ship
– FSM of the game using Game States Pattern
– Shaders with Phong shading and rendering of diffuse, specular and normal maps
– FBO for post-processing of: Bloom, Blur, Godrays, etc.
– Flocking System with multiple behaviours for each enemy crystal
– Sprite Sheets and Billboarding for different in-game effects: explosions, asteroid break, planet atmosphere, engine exhaust, laser, energy orb, starwarp, damage, score, etc.
– Context driven SFX
And others…



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