MSc Animation & Visual Effects Demo Reel

MSc Demo Reel

I recently finished (Sept 2014) the Masters course that I was doing in Bournemouth University at the National Centre for Computer Animation (NCCA), MSc Computer Animation and Visual Effects.

There are some other projects which I haven’t included in the demo reel as their output does not fit in with the style of the demo reel. They are from the Moving Image Theory module, from which I learned quite a lot about different aspects of film production, some of which were actually quite interesting. One of the assignments was creating a storyboard, a 30 second animatic, and a written synopsis, treatment, and personal account on the topic of ‘Value’. So here I have displayed the animatic, of my storyboard, which is called ‘The Rich Man’.  Excuse the drawings – time was short ;D.

The other assignment, ‘Digital Cinematography’, in this module was an essay or an essay with a short film. Since I chose the second, I had to create a short film from shots from different films using any technique that we had covered. I was quite intrigued by the Soviet Montage and the way cinema was, and still is, used to control the masses… So I tried to do something similar, and made the short film ‘iPromise’, which is a intellectual montage inspired by the cinema of Eisenstein, Koleshov, and some others. It has lots of things that could be fixed and/or done better but I had never done anything like that in the past and it was an interesting experience.

I am attaching the essay which I wrote with it, because there are some interesting observations, on how the media is washing your brains :D.

Soviet Intellectual Montage Essay

Those things cover the greater part of my experience in the MSc. More details on every single project you can find on their separate posts, or you can get in touch and ask, I will try and help with whatever possible.


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