Maya Still Image ‘Dynamism’

The final result.

“Eternity” | The final result.

One of our initial projects was creating a still image in Maya under the broad topic of ‘dynamism’. So you could basically do anything but an architectural render, I guess. The point was getting familiar with Maya and the other available packages. This was good for me as prior to that I didn’t have much experience with Maya, mainly Blender (which remains the best, greetings to the open src community).   Read More…


‘Solar Demise’ Video Game

The video is a bit low quality… the sound in the clip is also really bad as it had to be recorded using an aux to aux cable… (recordMyDesktop + RedHat ;( ) …anyway they are much better in the real game 

The game was created by a group of 5, as a 6 week group project. The project was supposed to be visually pleasing as only the visual side was assessed. We did our best to make it pleasing to the eye with various effects, however we didn’t neglect the gameplay and the game as a whole and managed to deliver a decent, and most importantly, finalised product. We created it from “scratch” in C++ with the help of SDL2.0 (sound and XBox Controller)  and NGL (OpenGL lib). Read More…

Realistic Rock with Lichen Shader in Renderman

The two demo scenes produced with the shader. (Left) "Dusk on Mars" (Right) "Tea in the Forest"

The two demo scenes produced with the shader.
 “Dusk on Mars”(Left) & “Tea in the Forest” (Right)


We had to write a RSL (Renderman Shading Language) shader for one of our assignments. The pictures you see are two simple scenes constructed in a RIB file, using the shader on different objects with different parameters, so that all it’s features can be demonstrated. Read More…